This Spring has been an absolute whirlwind! I am still processing my beginning of the year goals and here we are half way through 2019. Welcome to toddler mommy life and running your own business! bIt still blows my mind that we are in week 2 of June. This weekend I thankfully blocked some time off so I could catch my breathe from what has been my craziest year to date. This year has already far exceeded my expectations for 2019 and I am just so eager to see what the rest of the year has in store. However, that MUCH needed refresh was an amazing way to catch up on some personal sessions that I have been dying to edit. One being our strawberry picking day!! I honestly don't even remember when we went but we had the most gorgeous breezy and overcast day, perfect for crazy photog mom to snap some shots while picking those yummy strawberries. We got to hang out with 2 of our favorite girls and we had an absolute blast! Last year I missed strawberry season and thankfully this year my friend was on top of it otherwise I would have missed it again! I am so excited about these photos!! And I hope you love them too! <3