Meet baby Graham!!  I met Graham last summer for his newborn session!  He was one of my last newborns before maternity leave and I was HUGE.  You forget how important your lap is when you can't use it to wrap your client for their session on it!! LOL!!  But luckily this little bubbah was a great sleeper!  He was such a sweetheart and I loved every minute of his session!  Here are my favorites!


Meet Camila!  I cannot believe it but I saw this little beauty this past weekend for her 8 month session!  HOW!? It feels like yesterday when I finally got to meet this little peanut!  Camila did so great for her newborn session, and I even got to teach Jeremy how to pose froggy! It was such a fun session and I loved getting to spend the morning with such an incredible family:)  Just look at those chunky little cheeks!  She melts my heart!  Here are a few of my favs:


How has half of a year already go by since Finley officially made her debut?!  HALF A YEAR!?!  The last 6 months have been the fastest of my life.  I am still in awe everyday that I am a mommy and that I have a beautiful perfect baby girl.  This last month has been a big one for her and she has officially hit wild one status!  She has decided on a new bedtime routine and is officially sleeping from 630-630 and then is up and ready to party.  She is sitting up like a champ and I no longer feel the need to sit behind her just in case.  She FINALLY loves tummy time and is either sitting up or on her tummy which is GREAT!  Fin is already on the move with her army crawl and pushing up onto all 4's then will tuck her legs and sit up!  She still cannot figure out moving her arms with her legs and resorts to the army crawl but i think she will get it any day!  She is also starting to climb! AHH!  The other day she tried to climb out of the pack and play and her excersaucer so the baby proofing has started full force.  Another HUGE milestone this month was that we went underwater at the pool!!  TWICE!  And she didnt cry at all! Her eyes were huge and I think she may have been a little spooked at first but I think we definitely had success.  She loves the water and we gave her her first big girl tubby and she was in heaven!!  Even got some ADORABLE pics! :) 

Her favorite toys are anything that makes noise and lights up but especially her baby piano and aquarium.  She also LOVES her doggies.  She is always trying to grab/pet them and is also constantly grabbing faces.  Look out for her talons as we call them because no matter how much I cut them those little nails are SHARP!  Overall this month has been incredible!  Fin is still SUPER happy all the time and is really just a character.  This month we did A TON of photos and I am in love with every single one of them!  We ended up having to do her milk bath 2 times because all she wanted to do was destroy the flowers lol!!  We finally did one of her solo!  Below are my favorites!  There are a lot :)


Meet adorable baby Colin!!! I shot this little guy's session last summer!  He seriously melted my heart because he was SO cuddly and his hair!!!  He had what I like to call the good squoosh! When they are chunky and have those ADORABLE little rolls.  This little man also gave me  some of the best smiles that I have ever captured.  Here are my favorites:


Meet Luke!  This little cutie pie is the baby boy of some of our good friends!  This little guy did an amazing job at his session and is seriously the cutest!  I though it only appropriate to blog his entry this week as his mom and dad's football teams are going head to head this weekend for the superbowl!! Who will Luke pick as his team!??  :)

Fin is 5 Months!!

This pretty little girl is already 5 months old!!  Clearly time has flown because I missed posting her pics from the last 2 months!!  They have gone by so quickly and frankly I have been especially emotional this week as I have watched my little beauty grow from a baby into a kid.  This last month in particular she has grown so much and it's like she learns something new everyday. It has been incredible to watch!  SO what have we been up to? Well Fin has really found her voice and enjoys squeaking and talking ALL the time, she is taking decent naps and for the most part is sleeping through the night!  WAHHOOO!!  She is sitting up on her own and has the core strength of 10 men.  We have tried rice cereal and starting to really think she is ready for solids!  She loves to play in her excersaucer and trying really really hard to figure out how to crawl.  The highlight of our month was that we FINALLY went swimming!  She impressed me so much with how well she took to the water and was all smiles!  I think she may be a water baby after all. :) This girl is always all smiles and laughs with the occasional meltdown and really is quite the character.  Her personality is out of this world and I cannot wait to see her continue to blossom into her own little person.  Happy 5 months kiddo your mommy and daddy are so proud of you!  Here are some of my favorite photos from this month including our 5 month milk bath!!!


This BEAUTIFUL mama kicked butt for her maternity session this past summer!  It was hot out and buggy and yet she remained FLAWLESS!!!  Thank you for braving the water and woods for me :) Here are some of her gorgeous images!!!


Meet Grayson!!  This little bubbah was AMAZING for his session!  He was seriously one of the most cuddly and cutest babies I have ever had and keeps getting more adorable every day!  I loved his session.  And cannot wait to capture all of his first year milestones!! Here are some of my favorites.


I have been so blessed to watch this family grow from 2 to 4 these past few years and to photograph their love story!  I first photographed their engagement and wedding and now baby number 2!!!  Their love is beautiful and the way they love their babies is so refreshing.  We had a blast for their maternity/family session this summer!!  Grissel you are GORGEOUS!!


Meet Ameya!!  Believe it or not but this little beauty is almost 8 months old!!  Her newborn session felt like it was yesterday!  She was suuuuuper sleepy and so adorable!  Just look at those cheeks!  I loved every minut of snugglying this little cutie!  Here are my favorites!