HOLY COW! We are down to the final 4 weeks of this pregnancy (hopefully ;) )and I cannot even believe it.  It feels like yesterday we were starting our IVF injections and I had NO idea how this journey would unfold.  But here we are about a month away or so from meeting our baby girl and I am SO EXCITED.  I have truly been blessed that this journey has been an extremely positive one and I have been able to continue to do the things I love while also growing and nurturing my precious baby. 

I have learned so much about myself these last 8 months and also have seen the incredible things the human body can do.  With every kick I am constantly reminded that there is this little person inside growing and it feels so surreal.  It's bizarre and unpredictable and honestly a little scary!  But it has been an adventure I am still trying to savor every single day!!

THE MOST INCREDIBLE part of this journey so far has been able to capture my pregnancy with a photographer I have admired for years.  Her work is absolutely the most inspiring and unique and truly captures the magic of life.  The original plan was for maternity photos for both Jeremy and I, but life, as I've learned, likes to throw us curve balls and Jeremy was unable to come with me.  But Jeremy told me I had to go anyway and get my dream photos.  So i ventured to Boston solo for the night and made my dreams come true!  I got to work with my favorite photographer!  Mary from Pebbles and Polka Dots Photography.  The entire experience was UNBELIEVABLE.   She made me feel gorgeous and every image I received was beyond what I had hoped for. 

Maternity photos aren't for everyone but for me it was so important to make the most of this pregnancy.  I hope for more kids in the future, but in case that isn't what is meant for us, I wanted to make sure I went all out for this one!  You only have your first baby once! And although I know this last month is going to drag, the first 8 really have gone by so quickly :)  Mary truly captured the magic of this time in my life and gave me images that I know Finley will want to see when she embarks on her own pregnancy journey. 

As a celebration of making it to my final month I am running a newborn special through my due date( August 17th)!!  I will be taking a little time off but will be booking late September due dates and later!! Email me at for details!!!  I cannot wait to capture your baby journey with you!!

Here are a few of my favorites from my maternity session!

(Photo credit: Pebbles and Polka Dots Photography)