Happy 2 months to my little Fin!!  This has been the fastest 2 months of my life! I am enjoying my second cup of coffee this morning and enjoying the sound of Finley cooing and wiggling in her favorite chair.  The last 2 months have been amazing and I cannot even believe how much this little girl has changed.  I see client's kiddos every few months and I can't believe how much they change but when you see your own little one every single day it's crazy how much she learns each day.  It really is incredible.  She is talking up a storm and loves listening to Bruce Springsteen while she wiggles and exercises on the floor.  I swear the other day she was dancing to the rhythm of the music!  lol!!!!  We have her 2 month appointment today but I'm pretty sure shes over 12 pounds and def looks longer because she is fitting in some 6 month clothes!!  Fin has a great appetite and is super smiley.  Her favorite time of day is when we wiggle on the floor and is learning to grab her toys.  She still doesn't love tummy time, but I think she will come around once she can crawl haha!  She also is a great sleeper and I will say it's because every night after tubby time we unwind to Pink Floyd while she has her last feeding.  ALthough last night she started being silly at bedtime and I think she was trying to play peek-a-boo.  It was hilarious.  She is the funniest little character and getting cuter every day!  Here are some of the photos we have taken over the last 2 months!!