Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments in life.  It is something so incredibly unique and special and is one of my favorite seasons of life to capture.  It becomes even more memorable when you are able to capture the pregnancy journey for someone else who has played a significant role in your own life.  I met Ashley in 2016 when Jeremy and I were starting the IVF process.  She was part of the incredible team that helped make our baby dreams come true.  She was one of the phenomenal nurses we met along the way I will never forget her upbeat and compassionate energy from day one.  She wasn't our main nurse and yet I felt like we connected instantly.  She guided us through the scary process of IVF injections and truly went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and confident through the entire IVF process.  When she contacted me shortly after Fin was born to tell me she was expecting I instantly started bawling.  I was so honored that she remembered I was a newborn photographer and that she chose me to  capture this season of her life. 

I met her and her hubby in one of my favorite locations in the middle of January.  When we were planning her session we expected a FREEZING cold day and made sure we would have a location close enough to the car in case we needed to warm her up midway through.  Well the universe smiled down on us that day because we were blessed and shocked to have 70 degree weather.  Yes you read that correctly 70 degrees in the middle of January!  I do believe I was sweating by the end of the session! HA!! We had the most incredible light and they were an absolute blast to explore the woods with.  I loved celebrating this time with them and LOVED every single photo we took.  Here are some of my favorites (yes there are a lot :) )


10 months!!!  10 months!??!!  How am I already planning this kids first birthday? But happy 10 months my gorgeous girl!! This past month has had some BIG milestones!  At 9 1/2 weeks to the day Fin took her first solo steps!!  I was on the phone with Jeremy and she took 4 steps towards me.  It was one of the most exciting moments so far.  Then the next day she climbed the entire stairwell.  (Don't worry mama was right behind her).  This girl will not be slowed down!  And every day since the walking has been increasing and the crawling is decreasing.  It is absolutely surreal to have this little human toddling around but it is so much fun to watch. 

Fin is weighing in at around 20.8lbs and seems to be getting more muscles everyday lol! Her hair is also FINALLY long enough to put into a pony tail and shes looking more like a kid than ever before.  Her favorite foods include tacos, avocado, scrambled eggs, and blueberries.  She is ALL over the place and has discovered the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and also likes to try to open the oven (lord help me).  She continues to enjoy playing in the dog's water dishes and her favorite game is to put blankets in the water then starts flinging the wet blankets all over the kitchen.  And we do this game every. single. day.  She loves her puppies more than ever and I think they have really been enjoying all of the food she now shares with them during her meals. ;)

Overall this month has been a really exciting one and Fin is definitely not a baby anymore.  As much as it breaks my heart to see her becoming a little kid it really is incredible to watch.  Her personality is truly shining and I cannot wait to see the sass that this next month brings.  Pictures are getting harder to take but thankfully the smiles are still off the charts.  Here are some of my favorite images from this month!


Meet Concetta!!  I had the pleasure of meeting this little beauty right before Christmas last year!!  She was one of the squishiest little babes and was definitely a cuddler.  Loved being able to incorporate some holiday shots and end the year with an amazing newborn session.  Here are some of my favorites!


9 months already baby girl!  I am still in shock that you are mine and every single month you become more and more adventurous and amazing.  Always keeping us on our toes and certainly becoming the mini version of both Jeremy and I!  This month has gone by the quickest so far and I have a feeling that is only going to continue with each month.  This crazy girl is nonstop from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed.  This month Fin has really started to get brave as she cruises the furniture at lighting speed giving me a heart attack every time she reaches a little too far on the damn coffee table!  She is balancing and standing ALL the time and when I put her down she will no longer sit but stand instead.  She is walking great when we hold her hands or when pushing her cart so maybe walking on her own is just around the corner.  Jeremy saw her take one step then put her hands down so I think the confidence is getting there.  We were brave and tried peanut butter and a few more exotic foods and she seems to really like them all.  We also swear we heard her say doggy this past week!! She weighs a little over 20lbs but will get her exact weight and height today!  She also has a second tooth that is starting to break through the gum but is certainly taking its time ;)  Her favorite toys are, oh wait who needs toys!?  Fin's favorite things include the tv remotes, coasters, packages of baby wipes, finding little pieces of paper, grabbing for her puppies, and of course trying to teeth on our cell phones.  HAH!

This month was also a big one for us as a family, as we ventured to the OBX for our first family vacay!  The drive down was a nightmare with barking dogs and a teething baby but we made it and had the most incredible time.  Fin fits right into our beachy family and absolutely LOVED it!!  She was a little apprehensive at first but by the second day she was ALL about the sand!  We took A TON of photos and even got our own family portraits done.  She didn't love her bath this time and kept trying to get out BUT we got what we needed. ;) Everything about this month was amazing!  I cannot wait to see what the next 3 months bring us!  Here are my favorite photos from the month!! Happy 9 months you wild girl we love you!!


This little beauty turned one last fall and her cake smash was AMAZING!!  Nothing better than a winter wonderland theme!! I had a blast capturing this sweet girl for her newborn, 6 month, and now her one year milestones!!  Vivienne is so full of personality and we had so much fun watching her destroy her cake!!  Here are my favorites :)


This mama to be absolutely rocked her maternity session!  On one of the colder fall evenings last November we took an adventure to the river for her and her hubby's maternity session.  The leaves had all fallen off for the year except for one tree and we went with it!  Late fall can be tough but this beautiful mama made this location look like a fairy tale!  At the end she even wanted to brave the FREEZING water for some stunning river shots.  Here is a little peek into our session!


Little beauty what a month it has been!  You have taken crawling and climbing on everything to a whole new level. No surface on this main floor of the house has gone unexplored!  Fin is pushing her push cart like a pro, practicing balancing and standing without holding onto anything, and cruising the furniture has begun.  She is also saying dada, mama, and bahbah!  Yes dada was first, but mama wasn't toooooo far behind :).  Her personality is REALLY coming out and her curiosity and determination are like nothing I have ever seen.  I love it but it's also a little terrifying! HAH! This month we had a lot of outdoor hikes, playing on the water table, cut our first tooth, and are experimenting more with new foods! Brave mommy finally gave her eggs!! This month our goal is peanuts! AHH!  We also broke out the finger paints and let her go wild for earth day!  Finley you truly are a remarkably kid and your daddy and I love you more than anything.  I cannot believe you are already 8 months old!  I love and hate how fast time is going because I love seeing you learn and explore but sad when you wake up and look more grown up than when I put you to bed. You are the greatest thing this life has given your daddy and I and we love you so incredibly much.  I hope you never lose your wild spirit and that hunger to learn!  I know one day you will conquer the world.  Happy 8 months my little love <3!!


Meet gorgeous baby Evelyn!!!  I have absolutely loved watching this little beauty grow over the last year!  She was amazing as a newborn and at her 6 month session and kept the tradition alive for an amazing cake smash!!  Isn't she just a doll?  Here are my favorites!


Last fall I had the pleasure of photographing this ADORABLE family for their maternity session!  We had a surprisingly warm day for such a late November date and the leaves were PERFECT!  Leaves were brown everywhere else but this magical spot!  They are the cutest family and their baby girl was so much fun!  She is already an amazing big sister :)  Here are my favorites!