Last fall I had the pleasure of photographing this ADORABLE family for their maternity session!  We had a surprisingly warm day for such a late November date and the leaves were PERFECT!  Leaves were brown everywhere else but this magical spot!  They are the cutest family and their baby girl was so much fun!  She is already an amazing big sister :)  Here are my favorites!


I had so much fun capturing this little guy's first year! The year was full of smiles and laughs and LOTS of Lucas cuddles!  He is so loved by his incredible mom and dad and I cannot wait to see how he transitions into a big brother.  This kiddo is such a character and I cannot wait to see him again! We celebrated his first birthday this past summer with this EPIC cake smash!!   Here are my favorites!


Meet Brooklynn!!  She was my last newborn and last session before going on maternity leave! And she was a good one :) This little beauty was SO sleepy and snuggly.  We flew her session from one set up to the next and she did amazing.  I was 39 weeks and enormous and this baby girl made my last session before maternity leave a dream.  Here are some of my favorites:


Happy 7 months Finley!  Every month is going faster and this past month was NUTS! Finley has begun crawling with a vengeance and is EVERYWHERE and climbing on EVERYTHING!  We have baby proofed as best as we can but she somehow still finds the one thing we missed.  This month has been a whole lot of chasing and finding ways to block off the coffee table and yet she gets past our obstacles lol!  This kid is one determined lady!  She also has started to walk 5-6 steps at a time with her walker and walk along the crib rails.  I have a feeling this month things are just going to get even more exciting!  We didn't capture as many photos this month because she is getting way harder to catch!  Her milk bath was also one of the toughest we've shot so far.  Probably photographer's error as I somehow was unable to get the tub drain to seal and we were losing water the whole shoot lol!  The whole bath lasted about 11 minutes before the water was way too low.  BUT we got some great stuff and Fin was in rare form ;) Here are some of the photos we captured this month!!


Meet Grayson!!  I LOVE this little guy!! He is on the baby's first year package with me and is growing way too quickly!  We are already in the works of planning his cake smash and I cannot even believe it is right around the corner.  Grayson has been so much fun to photograph and even at 3 months has been so full of personality!  I mean look at those cheeks and that model smirk!  Here are a few of my favs!


OH JACK!!  I love this kid!!!  He graduated from his milestone package last summer!  I absolutely LOVE being able to capture milestones of my newborns and so bittersweet when they turn one!  I adore this family so much and have felt so honored to capture their baby journey from maternity all the way to Jack's one year session!  He was just a teeny little nugget at his newborn session and is now the most handsome little dude! Check out his one year/cake smash!!


Meet baby Graham!!  I met Graham last summer for his newborn session!  He was one of my last newborns before maternity leave and I was HUGE.  You forget how important your lap is when you can't use it to wrap your client for their session on it!! LOL!!  But luckily this little bubbah was a great sleeper!  He was such a sweetheart and I loved every minute of his session!  Here are my favorites!


Meet Camila!  I cannot believe it but I saw this little beauty this past weekend for her 8 month session!  HOW!? It feels like yesterday when I finally got to meet this little peanut!  Camila did so great for her newborn session, and I even got to teach Jeremy how to pose froggy! It was such a fun session and I loved getting to spend the morning with such an incredible family:)  Just look at those chunky little cheeks!  She melts my heart!  Here are a few of my favs:


How has half of a year already go by since Finley officially made her debut?!  HALF A YEAR!?!  The last 6 months have been the fastest of my life.  I am still in awe everyday that I am a mommy and that I have a beautiful perfect baby girl.  This last month has been a big one for her and she has officially hit wild one status!  She has decided on a new bedtime routine and is officially sleeping from 630-630 and then is up and ready to party.  She is sitting up like a champ and I no longer feel the need to sit behind her just in case.  She FINALLY loves tummy time and is either sitting up or on her tummy which is GREAT!  Fin is already on the move with her army crawl and pushing up onto all 4's then will tuck her legs and sit up!  She still cannot figure out moving her arms with her legs and resorts to the army crawl but i think she will get it any day!  She is also starting to climb! AHH!  The other day she tried to climb out of the pack and play and her excersaucer so the baby proofing has started full force.  Another HUGE milestone this month was that we went underwater at the pool!!  TWICE!  And she didnt cry at all! Her eyes were huge and I think she may have been a little spooked at first but I think we definitely had success.  She loves the water and we gave her her first big girl tubby and she was in heaven!!  Even got some ADORABLE pics! :) 

Her favorite toys are anything that makes noise and lights up but especially her baby piano and aquarium.  She also LOVES her doggies.  She is always trying to grab/pet them and is also constantly grabbing faces.  Look out for her talons as we call them because no matter how much I cut them those little nails are SHARP!  Overall this month has been incredible!  Fin is still SUPER happy all the time and is really just a character.  This month we did A TON of photos and I am in love with every single one of them!  We ended up having to do her milk bath 2 times because all she wanted to do was destroy the flowers lol!!  We finally did one of her solo!  Below are my favorites!  There are a lot :)


Meet adorable baby Colin!!! I shot this little guy's session last summer!  He seriously melted my heart because he was SO cuddly and his hair!!!  He had what I like to call the good squoosh! When they are chunky and have those ADORABLE little rolls.  This little man also gave me  some of the best smiles that I have ever captured.  Here are my favorites: