Meet baby Hugh!! This little peanut was my second session back from maternity leave and boy was he a cutie pie! I met him at one day old for his fresh 48 and then several days later he came to visit the studio for his newborn session. He was seriously the most handsome little baby boy. He just turned one and is even more handsome than ever! His parents are such an amazing pair and have raised the happiest little man! I was so sad when they moved out of state, but his newborn session will always be one that is close to my heart. Here are some of my favorites:


It may have been almost a full year since this handsome little dude’s newborn session but better late than never!! Meet baby Liam!! This little guy was so squishy and was all cuddles for his newborn session. I cannot believe its almost been a full year and I get to shoot his cake smash this weekend!! Where does the time go!? Here are some of my favs from his session!


Meet sweet little Waverly! This baby is the youngest of 3 and I had the pleasure of photographing both of her siblings as newborns! In fact her big sister was one of the first newborn sessions I have ever shot!! There is nothing more rewarding and amazing than being able to photograph a family’s newborn but when you’ve been trusted to do it 3 times it is truly a blessing. Waverly was SOOOO sleepy and did amazing. We got the most setups I have ever been able to get and in record time. Here are my favorites :


Meet Connor!! This cutie pie was such a dream for his newborn session!! His mama and I go way back to college as freshman roommates and could not be more honored to have captured these first photos of her sweet baby boy. I had the pleasure of photographing her wedding and absolutely loved being able to capture their growing family. Her family is such a gem and I cannot wait to watch Connor grow this year! He was such a little peanut and I cannot wait to see him this fall! Here are some of my favorites from his session.


Meet Hanalie!!  This little beauty was AMAZING during her newborn session!  Hanalie was SUUUUUPER snuggly and slept like a rock star for her session.  This is one lucky lady to have 3 big brothers to look after her.  Looking back through this session will give anyone baby fever because goodness gracious she is a cutie pie.  Her fantastic hair and big chunky cheeks melt my heart!!!  I cannot wait to see her in a few months for her 6 month session!!  Here are my favs:


Why milk baths? Ya know, I am not exactly sure what drew me to them other than I thought they were peaceful and beautiful and I loved the way they celebrated a pregnant body.  Before I was ever pregnant I really wanted one for my own maternity photos.   We took a ton of belly photos and felt like the milk bath was very different than anything I had ever really shot and wanted to give it a try.  So I figured out what I needed and got Jeremy on board!  He shot our first part of the series when I was 36 weeks pregnant and after that I knew this was how I wanted to show Fin's growth over the next year.  It was something special that Fin and I could share and also a fun monthly family project lol ;) and at the end of the year we would have one heck of an album.  We have taken SO many amazing photos of her this year but this series has been my ultimate goal.  Each month we have racked our brains to come up with something a little different and more unique than the month before but similar enough for them to all flow.  Some worked out better than others but overall it turned out just the way I had hoped.  Each month has a different story about the fiasco of shooting it, or how Fin wanted to eat everything in the tub, or throw a fit, or even the arguments Jeremy and I had about the logistics of them.  But every single month Jeremy was right there making sure he captured exactly what I wanted. He did a phenomenal job and cannot thank him enough for the patience he gave me this year for our 700 photo shoots.  So here is one photo from each month. I kept the pose similar so you could see how much this little one has changed!  Thank you for following along with us!! <3


It is absolutely crazy that my little baby is already a year old.  It has been the wildest most rewarding adventure that is just beginning. This year has been one of major growth and change not only for me becoming a mother but also in evolving as a person.   When Finley was born I could not even begin to imagine the way she would change my life for the better but I also couldn't imagine the overwhelming feeling of peace she would bring me.  From day one she has pushed me to be more patient and to savor every single second of life.  Lord knows she has tested my patience daily and been a feisty little thing from the beginning, but she is the epitome of everything in a kid I could have hoped for.  She is spunky and full of curiosity. She is fearless and strong, and I know she is destined for greatness.   Days and some months have really been rough but we got through it.  From healing after to delivery and learning to juggle being a stay at home mom and a full time photographer Fin continues to remind me of the strength I have and the ability to tackle on anything life throws at me.  I always told Jeremy she was our good luck charm from the first time I saw that heartbeat and I know she always will be. 

This past month Fin has really become a full fledged toddler. Not wanting ANYTHING to do with photos and her walking is now more of a run/jog.  She is 22lbs of sass and even today the nurse giving her her shots commented on how weirdly strong she was LOL!  She is a little gun fighter for sure.  She is talking up a storm and I think is very eager to get into some sort of activity.  So any mamas out there with recommendations that would be awesome!  I dont want to make this post to long so I will end it with our 12 month milk bath and a recap of her 12 month pictures!  She HATED her cake smash and I made sure to include some of those ;)  Happy Birthday my little beauty!!


Meet baby Ellie!  This little peanut is such a sweetheart and was a joy to photograph.  She was SUPER sleepy and gave me some adorable newborn smiles.  She has the prettiest little features and seriously gave me the worst baby fever!  We did a ton of setups and she slept through them all! I cannot wait to photograph her in a few weeks for her 6 month sitter session!  Here are my favorites.


I have no clue how I got so lucky this winter to have warm weathered days in January, but here was another RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous January maternity session!  The light was amazing, the temp was cool but not too cold, and this family was INCREDIBLE!!  These 3 boys were rockstar models as we celebrated mama's gorgeous bump and their last family photos before their baby sister arrived.  Sarah was glowing and we could not have found a better location.  Here are a TON of my favrotie images!!


Happy 11 months love bug!  How is it possible that we are 11 months in on this journey of parenthood!?  It feels like Fin has been in our lives forever and yet it has only been 11 short months.  She has changed our world in the most magical way and yet each month I get a little more emotional as my baby grows up and this little human fireball has really started to emerge.  This past month Fin has perfected her walking and is really cranking up the speed.  She hasn't figured out holding mommy and daddy's hand yet but one day she will. :)   Her personality is off the charts and frankly I cannot even begin to imagine what she is going to be like when she gets more vocal.  Jeremy swears she is me in a tiny body, and well he may be right.  She is extremely determined to do what she wants and wont let anything stand in her way and I hope that is a quality that will take her far in life.  She may have my determination but my goodness does she have her daddy's curiosity and facial expressions.  Sometimes I swear they're clones of each other and it's the most adorable thing I have ever seen.  Fin is still such a happy kid and when she enters the room it is almost like she knows that she owns that room and it is hysterical.  Her personality is def big and she will melt your heart with one smile.

This month we did have our first low grade fever and our second little cold but like a true stud she continued to terrorize the dogs and never skipped a beat of playing and running all over the house.  She has her 2 top teeth working on her and one broke the gum this morning and it's going to be a little sad when that 2 tooth smile changes.  Luckily I grabbed some fantastic photos of it this past month.  We even got another great milk bath on the books and am happy to say she did amazing.  Some of our studio photos were a little dramatic but don't worry I made sure to include some of the alligator tears ;) Check out a recap of this past month below!!  Happy 11 months Fin! We love you!!